Week 5

4 Oct 2015

I could hardly contain my excitement when I was told that an artist is coming over to do her residency. I like doing a monologue but having a dialogue is a bonus. As I was approaching the house, I was straining my neck to see if the door was opened. To my delight, a long line of laundry outdoors signals her arrival. A friendly exchange with the stranger and we warmed up fairly quickly. We introduced ourselves through our work-in-progress and resumed our routines. 

I was anticipating the ever chirpy Eunice's coming. The topic of the true essence of community art came about and we had new ideas about our coming event. :D
As we bade goodbye, I returned to the house. Shu Jung, the Taiwanese artist showed me her finds while exploring the island. Immediately, she got down to work cleaning her treasures while I was happily snapping photos of her. 

A good time to interrogate artist is over meals when they let their guards down. How could I miss the chance to ask questions when the golden opportunity is right in front of me. We talked about art, her artistic career and expectations for the future over dinner. Shu jung is so animated while recounting her experiences overseas that it had me in fits of laughter. It was very interesting to hear from an effective multilingual artist who view herself as a nomad. Having lived in numerous cities around the world, she claimed that she doesn't feel belong anywhere.

Is this an implication of being a global citizen, I wonder. You could have many circles of friends but like you, they too drift from one place to another, settling permanently would be unthinkable. How does it feels to be constantly moving? How does it feels to adapt to different situations and people? How does the experiences shaped you to become? Who do you affect with these experiences/ knowledge? I'm afraid I have more questions than answers.

Pardon my messy hair but Eunice still look fresh and pretty so it's fine to post :D

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