Week 10

8 Nov 2015

I was star strucked this week because the artists whom I've been reading about in papers and books suddenly appeared in flesh. I got to visit Zai Kuning's studio and see some of his work. Some were being suspended from the ceiling and some placed on heavy-duty shelves. Spacious place with lots of natural lighting. I would think he wants his privacy so I didn't take any photos, not even his tortoiseshell cat. 

It's a learning journey on the way to the house
Tang Dawu examining Shu Jung's tailored dress
Then, Tang Dawu brought his students to the studio too. It was a family-like gathering among the artists. When we arrived at the Ubin house, the students were impressed with the house (I would like to think so). For the first time in history, the house is facing water shortage and they had to purchase water. It didn't come as a surprise as I had difficulty generating water for the past few weeks. I feel bad about using the remaining water to shower so I didn't and by the next morning, my head was itching badly. :C 

Oh! did I mention that we had home cooked food for dinner? Marinated chicken and spaghetti bolognese! Thank you Jeremy and Jason for cooking!!

I like my new "job" of being an artist's assistant, for just a few hours. Shu Jung needed an extra hand to document her new works and that's where I came in. After listening to her concept, I have a rough idea of a suitable location. So, I think my biggest contribution is the revelation of my favourite hideouts. I have taken many photos and videos of the artist in her tailored dress but I think it's not a good idea to make these public yet. I could unintentionally interpret her work wrongly or give a wrong impression to her concept through my images. Therefore, it will be better to hear her speak during her artist's talk.

The process of tagging along an artist is fun and refreshing. I wouldn't deny that it was tiring so I appreciate that we have cooking mamas (Jeremy, Jason & Dennis) during the Sunday BBQ. Basically, my favourite hideout has a tranquil surrounding with scenic view. Unfortunately, the place is strewn with litter, plastic bottles/ bags, styrofoam boxes, fishing lines/ hooks etc. It's really an eyesore and one would easily feel helpless looking at the quantity. 

When we were taking these photographs, I thought about environmentalist who comment about the state of their place, usually to raise awareness and perhaps solve a problem. So, I was wondering if there's a possibility that people can continue to comment and the problem is rarely acted upon? And also what are the factors that stop people from solving these problems?

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