Week 4

27 Sept 2015

The weather is perfect today and it saddens me to postpone our garden party. The occurrence of the haze is quite unpredictable and we have decided not to risk as there are young children in our group and their exams are around the corner. 

We've been moving stuff a little by little each week. Then, everything was all set by this week and the haze sets in... Our last lap involves my best cleaning buddy, Liling and someone who needs no introduction: My helicopter mum HAHA!. We were all very busy and I've forgotten to take more photos.

I will not allow the haze to dampen my spirits! Instead, I have become an opportunist by creating works. This work works during the "haze season" and it's been ongoing for a few years. While reading the papers, I will carefully cut out the word "haze" every time I see one. Ironically, the purpose of doing this work is the hope that one day I can't do it anymore. When I explained this work to my pupils, they suggested photocopying so that I can complete my work faster! :D 

For now, I'll be more than happy to accept donation of the text "haze". If you are willing, can you help me add on to this collection? I have a collage of these text (& I would like to do more) that has the heading: Stop misspelling my name

I love examining the variations of these texts: colours, font type, font size, background etc. Besides the haze reports, these text also appeared in advertisements that promote health supplements or skincare products to counteract the condition.  

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