Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Celebrating Thinking

As a student, I detest nothing more than memorization. I wish learning could be effortless and enjoyable. But that doesn't mean I see learning as a chore but if I can choose, I want my learning to be authentic, relevant and fun. It will be an effective way to learn if knowledge acquisition is not bound by time. The faster you pick up a skill/ knowledge, the better you are, in terms of efficiency, may no longer be valid in the future. When everyone else maintain the same speed of learning, then the only way of 'improvement' is to further the production time. Then again, we are not machines.

We are constantly learning from the environment and never one thing at a time. Depending on context, we utilize all of our sense to learn. Getting in touch with reality requires qualities: "of sights, smells, images, tales and moods" (Eisner, 1988, p. 21).

In the environment, no single subject is deemed as more important than the other. We learn in context, whatever are relevant. Our senses heightened. We think on our feet/ toes. The 'any questions?' question is not met with silence because sometimes, you don't even know the answers to the never-ending questions.

Eisner, E. (1988). The celebration of thinking. Center for educational research at Stanford (CERAS). CA: Stanford.