Week 3

20 Sept 2015

Another week to go before our art and garden party. Registration is full and if you are keen to join us for our future events, you can leave your contacts HERE. We're upcycling coconut shells by giving them a new purpose. Kitchen knife was brought to Ubin but it is compulsory to declare them to the police officers before leaving Changi jetty. For the past few weeks, I've been sitting at the same shop and got to know Mdm Chew, the shop owner. After finding out about my work, she's really kind to set the empty coconut shells aside for me to work on. She even helped me to clean and rinse the interior of the shells. Yesterday, as I was approaching Mdm Chew, she forced a weak smile and seemed preoccupied. Apparently, she had a fall this week and fractured her toes, I hope she has a speedy recovery. It's a lot of work than I've imagined to process the shells so my mum insisted on tagging along :D

Mdm Chew with her daughter, Qinyi in front of their shop.


  1. Looking forward to see your adventure offshore.

    Talking about living the past. This is as past as one can get.