Week 1

6 Sept 2015

I'm moving! Had my orientation with Jason and Dennis yesterday. The most tedious part of yesterday's lesson must be about retrieving water. My knowledge of using this generator would most probably ends at switching on/ off the button and lever. The whole neighbourhood would be alerted to your activity with its jet fighter engine (almost). I suppose I will be more conscious of my water usage since it's so much labour to fill the tub to the brim.

I've been here but I still time to adjust. My accommodation is a single-storey house. The cosy setting is adorned with florescent bulbs hanging over the wooden square table. There's a garden outside with individual beds and lime tree. The rich environment provides me fresh produces (in future) to nourish my body and a safe working space to feed my soul. I'm able to explore the island, thoughtfully reflect, do my art, connect virtually, talk to other residents, do some gardening, never mundane. I shuffle in and out of the house without the need to take the lift. (Almost) every corner of the house is filled with lives (critters) if you look closely. You are never alone! :D Cell service is spotty in some areas but generally okay. 

I wouldn't be able to move all the stuff without additional hands. Off to do some spring cleaning!

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