Week 16

20 Dec 2015

Can you spot something unusual in the image below?

That's right! I'm using a broom to gather the dead leaves instead of a rake. In preparation for this Sunday event, some clutters and eyesores have to make way. The weeds are claiming territory and fall leaves clogging the drain. Grime and dirt falls into the house through tiny openings in the roof. Not to mention the interiors have yet to be swept and the tables and chairs have to be rearranged for the visiting guests.

As I was gathering the dead leaves with the ineffective broom, I was slightly frustrated that my working efficiency was impeded without the use of a proper tool. Using the broom does get some work done but the length of time used is definitely longer and it's not a thorough job.

Now, you must be wondering where this post is going to wind up. I'm doing some foreshadowing before sharing about another theorist again! Haha! 

The root of my frustration is most likely the cause of what Karl Marx refers to as the "economical use of human labour-time". Everyone has 24 hours to spend so what you do with your time is essentially what determines the outcome. Thus, one has to distribute one's time in a purposeful way in order to achieve an outcome in proper proportions. An example is, suppose you need to spend 4 hours to commute to and fro school for the one and only 1-hour lecture that starts at 8.30 am and you were trying to meet the deadline for a 5000-word essay for the following day. Would you still attend the morning lecture? There is bound to be some strategising of time for effective use. So, I guess I was frustrated because I wanted to spend less time cleaning and more time for making art, installing art or discussing with my friends.

It's quite odd that I'm analysing the reason for my frustration...

Below are some photographs showing the preparation process:

Thank you Hwei Tsen and Suan Zee for helping out!
We had our Seed Exchange & Garden Party in the morning before the art exhibition:

Drawing on their small whiteboards

Drawing the different types of leaves based on memory
Making a frame for their found objects

On the way to the house

Second group of participants
Filling the husk with dirt
Mr Chong & family
Amanda and her husband
Hui Ying & Aloysius
Always time for a photo before lunch
This event wouldn't be possible without the participants who took multiple attempts to hit the snooze buttons and travelled across the sea with their families and friends. To view more photos, please visit #PU361. 
Thank you everyone!

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