Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home/ House

Living without water nor electricity is almost unheard of in Singapore. Convenience in a modern home is taken for granted. For the first-timer house buyer, one would expect to see new furnishings, home appliances, sound system or a well-equipped kitchen. The proud owners often took to social media to broadcast the development of their new nest (making sure that the brand of the new purchase is not cropped out in the photo). The living condition here in today's standards would perhaps give the impression that one is living in poverty. But is the "modern home" a luxury? The prevalence of purchasing commodities with interest-free instalment plans spur us to consume more than necessary, working harder and longer hours than ever to maintain our lifestyles.

The curse of narcissism meant that we look more outwardly than ever. To be judged as a fully-functioning member of the society, besides adhering to social norms , our identity depends much on the things we have, the people we know, our attire, the function we attend etc.

Soon, this will be my temporary home, friends are likely to take a keen interest for the sight of kampong house are long forgotten and more prominent in images. We have forgotten how to live simply, instead it has become a chore or a burden to fuss over obtaining basic needs.