Week 2

13 Sept 2015

"You alone ah? not scared ah?" asked the neighbour.

I laughed and shook my head.

Burying my head in some old publications, I thought about my day.

There was a smaller crowd but mainly families with children, presumably a school holiday week. Staying over at Ubin on a weekday seems like a good idea. As night falls, movements became more prominent in my peripheral vision. A house lizard scurrying across the window and another falling from the ceiling (ever heard of a lizard losing grip?) as long as it's not on my head. It's also a distraction when my eyes followed the red ants that's walking all over the pages of a book I was reading.

My favourite place in this room is right here at the wooden desk and the view outside the window. A backyard garden slightly maintained. I returned to bed at 7.30pm. There was no more to be done for now. The night sky is only illuminated by the moonlight, the air was stale and not a slightest breeze I felt. My eyelids felt heavier gradually and I drifted off. 

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