Week 14

6 Dec 2015

We are concluding our outdoor painting sessions this week. After 5 weeks of "pedicuring" the shells to give it a smoother surface for painting, I can finally take a breather and prepare for the exhibition.

More details below:

Date: 20 Dec 2015/ Sunday
Time: 1-5pm
Venue: Near my Ubin lodge. 20 min walk from Ubin jetty. Directions will be email to you upon confirmation of attendance

Please RSVP here.

Thank you friends for coming over!

Special thanks to: Stella Venneman, Ashvini Paranan, Vithan Sutheshna, Alice Chan, Davis Chan, Winnie Goh, Amritha Kuhan, Yap Teng Chiong, Poobhathy Kannan, Harry Qu Rui Wen, Elyssia, Saritha Silvaraju, Ben McDonald, Gina Luo, Daniel Chua, Koh Boon Kiat, Alana Liu, Ellen Pan, Shah Sinuraya, Josephine, Wuyu, Wuao, Siew Yun, Koh Boon Hean, Izz Lequisha, Amanda, Ignatious, Ying Ying, Alicia, Ong Siew Khim, Zhuo Luo, Zhuo Xuan, Zhuo Yao.

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